[ version 1: original ]

debut: july 2002

this is the very first version of the cremelo, which was hexed 20 years ago!
it's got the classic cream coat that inspired the breed's name, along with a black skunk stripe down the back. they also have a few scattered black spots, mainly concentrated around the hips and legs.

[ version 2: reverse ]

debut: december 2020

the reverse cremelo is gorgeous with its velvety, plush black coat. they also have a contrasting white facestripe and chest patch that really pops! for an even more luxe look, it's been topped off with a cream skunk stripe down the back and duo-toned spots around the hips and legs.

[ version 3: autumnal ]

debut: september 2021

inspired by pumkpin, spice, and everything nice, this version encompasses the warm and cozy colors of fall. the double chest patch is a new addition this time around, and the feet have been defuzzed with showing in mind.

[ version 4: toffee ]

debut: november 2021

the toffee version is the first time the cremelo has ventured into shades of brown. the markings have been kept a little more minimal as an ode to the original version. it features an eyepatch, a double-snout patch, a chest patch, and a skunk stripe down the back!

[ version 5: funfetti ]

debut: december 2021

the first mini, no-grow cremelo! this version was hexed in celebration funfetti's 1st anniversary. they are super floofie with lots of stars, moons, and pastel spots. the first litter of them were given out as participation prizes for funfetti's 1st anniversary hexing contest on ww.

[ version 6: royal ]

debut: november 2022

the first cremelo version with a personality swap! i've taken the cremelo and hexed it to be more refined and classy. with their poodle ears, personality, and luxe silver fur, you're sure to find a new friend that won't just be walking on their toes, but their finnickiness will be keeping you on your toes too!

- - -