the cremelo [cruh-MEL-oh] breed was hexed by me, bunni, back in the summer of 2002. i was 13 years old at the time, and very inspired by my good friends hilary and dizzy who had their own exclusive hexed breed called the abbaio. this was the biggest hexing project i had ever taken on and i did it all with an old hex editor. it was my prized possession; i loved it so much!

based on the great dane file, the cremelo is a little bit shorter and so much floofier. they have adorable floppy ears and big poofy paws. speaking of poof, have you seen the tail? a fun surprise about this breed, is that they grow up into some seriously chonky doggos!

the first four cremelos were very special to me. i kept one for myself and gifted the other three to my best petz friends. i was really proud to have hexed the cremelo as a non-ow breed file, as that was challenging back in the day, so i sent them the .dog along with their .pet.

a year later, i ended up leaving the pc. even so, i never forgot the amazing memories and friendships i made, and all the fun i had while being a part of it. in late 2020, i stumbled upon the rkc petz forum and was shocked to see that the pc was still alive! i quickly rejoined and was thrilled to be back in the community again. however, i was also very sad that i no longer had any of my old petz or my special cremelo breed file that i hexed as a kid.

but then... i got a message from an old petz friend: stancy! i couldn't believe she was still a part of the community after all these years. how exciting! and what's this? she still had my cremelo breed file to this day. gosh, i can't thank her enough for holding onto it. i'm literally so amazed!

at that point, i knew it was time to finish the dream i had back when i was 13; it was time to create more cremelo variations and launch an exclusive, petz site for them! so, here we are. i'd love for you to be a part of this story by adopting a cremelo of your very own

- - -